Run me a brand

Bathstore saw an opportunity for growth as competitors lost strength or focus, but consumer ignorance of their brand and what it stood for blocked the way to rapid success.

We undertook research to identify growth audiences and to understand the forces at play in every stage of the buying journey. This led to a strategy of multi channel communication designed to influence three key phases of the decision process – Inspiration, Contemplation and Implementation – delivering a newly expanded proposition of ‘Style & Value’ to mid-market and AB audiences via a full mix of off and online media, with TV and high status outdoor as lead channels. We re-positioned Bathstore to sit in the space between the big DIY chains and the smarter, independent stores. Our bespoke econometric model quantified ROI on an exponential curve, with spontaneous awareness up 25%, and sales 45% over the first 18 months of the campaign. A bigger, brighter, and more attractive brand was born.


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