GDPR – the data acquisition challenge

It’s amazing how quickly a change in law can be felt. The world is in a spin over GDPR, well actually just UK business and we’re already feeling the impact of it a couple of months in.

With at least one business we know of who independently acquired data from a data house, their plans of an outbound direct communications campaign suddenly came to a grinding halt due to GDPR. Having agreed to acquire and pay for the data a couple of months prior to GDPR, they found themselves in a position where they can no longer target relevant audiences and customers in the traditional sense. From named targeted data to “Dear Householder” – not what we’d call good performing customer information!

In truth though, we all know that nothing substitutes generating your own audience, customer data and community, however for those like travel companies, insurers and other intermediaries, this really is a challenge without a broader engagement and acquisition program.

The challenge is that it’s not just traditional channels like direct mail and email which are affected, it’s pixel and cookie data which no doubt will be adapting as we speak, which will mean a whole raft of digital and behavioural marketing will have some challenges too.

If we put ourselves at the other end of the impact, as a consumer, one might argue that we’re all better protected from unwanted calls, communications and targeting, and more importantly data held by other organisations on us is better protected too.

However, the challenge for organisations with smaller budgets trying to quickly establish a business and market is they will have to adapt to new models of reaching out, one which builds a deeper relationship with prospects and customers from the outset – something all brands want. This is where the greatest opportunity lays.  There is no doubt that the CPA will raise over the coming period in some way but what the result of this will be is a better form of engagement between brands and customers.

GDPR is a catalyst to create better acquisition and ongoing engagement activities, so that customers see what a brand or business has on offer and like the way it’s been offered to them. On that basis, they are more likely to commit and give up their own data with the intention of transacting or building a relationship with them.

Surely this is actually an improvement for all involved. The next few months will tell.

TDG & Debenhams create new digital shopping experience

Up against some tough competition, TDG were selected to work with Debenhams to deliver a whole new online shopping experience for Debenhams Personal Finance, with the aim of driving improved engagement and performance.

Working closely with Debenhams marketing teams and within developing guidelines, we’ve created a great new digital platform and environment for consumers to explore and purchase a great range of financial products.

Andrew Golding said: “It was a real privilege to have been selected by Debenhams to help them with this vital project. With so many constituent parts, its a complex beast but together TDG and Debenhams have delivered something we’re both very proud of.  Perhaps more than that, this will help Debenhams become part of many more peoples’ financial lives. In addition, Nick’s UX & environment design has worked a treat across such a board spectrum of product, while Jim and his team have delivered a very smart piece of technology to help build the next phase of customer engagement”.


Despite all evolutions and revolutions within the marketing and advertising world, the underlying agency model has changed little. A new badge, name style, new websites and a few new funky job titles to boot but ultimately the underlying relationship between clients and agencies is built upon the same convention of the last 30 years or more. The identikit agency rolls on.

With the marketing landscape becoming ever more complex and fragmented it’s creating a bewildering array of planning and creative decisions for the client marketing team. In this scenario, clients need to lean on their partners and trust in their support to deliver for their brands and business.

The strategic advice agencies hand out to clients, as well as the campaigns clients pay for are covered by fees, more often than not irrespective of the outcomes for the client.

We’ve not only seen clients imagine it but verbalise it too….. “what if we could find an agency that would not only partner with us in principle, working with us to be a catalyst, deliver great brands and campaigns but also be more integral to our success. To take more ownership and responsibility of the outcomes. To be as motivated as us to achieve our goals”.

At TDG, we think its time to listen to clients, start becoming a ‘real’ partner and share in the risk and reward of the activities we undertake together.

This is why we have created TDG Together.

TDG Together is a model where a percentage of fees are rewarded upon achieving client partners’ objectives. On this basis, we are truly motivated and driven to make positive outcomes happen.

To find out more about this, contact us.

TDG are talk of the Telegraph

TDG have been appointed to help develop a new path, new model and proposition for the Telegraph. Sadly we can’t say too much about but we’re very excited to be working on such an important project for a media legend.

More to come soon.